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Watch Dogs: Legion Review – Play As Anyone, Care About No One

Watch Dogs: Legion takes place in a future London where drones cruise through the sky, cars drive themselves and everybody dress like they’ve just walked off the set of a punk rock video. However, a private security company by the name of Albion essentially rules London following a series of devastating bombings that are blamed on DedSec, the same group we’ve been following for the prior two games. As a member of DedSec you know that your hacktivist group has been framed, but by who and why is the mystery that needs solving. Luckily for you, the people of London are ready to rise up, and you can literally play as any single one of them. Previous Watch Dogs have presented the idea of anyone being able to rise up and make a difference, but Legion makes it a reality by making every NPC you meet a potential DedSec operative. So, is Watch Dogs: Legion another by-the-numbers Ubisoft game, or something special?

Weekend Whammy: Let’s Talk About Xbox Series S & Series X

Hello! I’m back again with another Weekend Whammy. There was some big news that came out in the past few weeks, and I’m excited to talk about them! The lid has been lifted on the Xbox Series X and Series S, so there’s loads to talk about there, and Nvidia announced their new 3000 series graphics cards, too. Let’s get into it?