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Dragon Age II – More DLC All But Confirmed?

Interesting references have popped up to possible future DLC regarding Bioware’s fantasy sequel. The references come from an unusual source: the official game guide for Dragon Age II.

During the section on Quests, specifically for the games ending level – The Final Straw – the guide states:

“There is a lot of notable loot (including some valuable weapons, armor and accessories) in this quest, so don’t just assume that there’s no need to forage for treasures. You may find them useful in future downloadable content, for instance.

 In the same section the guide goes on to say:

” After the final credits, Dragon Age II creates a “post-campaign” autosave. If you have just completed an optimal playthrough, it may be a good idea to load this and save a manual back-up in anticipation of future downloadable content adventures”

I’ll give you fair warning that the guide does present spoilers regarding Dragon Age: Origins, and that I will be quouting one such section here. There is also a fairly small spoiler regarding Dragon Age II. You have been warned.
The guide states, in a later section:

“Finally, is it safe to speculate that Morrigan may play a major role in future events? Flemeth’s cryptic explanation for her journey to Sundermount (” A bit of security, should the inevitable occur. And if I know my Morrigan, it already has”) may refer to the Warden’s battle with the Witch of the Wilds – or, perhaps, an artfully conjured facsimile – at her furious daughters behest. Flemeth, lest we forget, was discovered to have achieved a form of immortality by periodically appropiating the bodies of numerous “daughters” throughout her history. Then again, with Morrigan carrying the child infused with the spirit of the Archdemon in one likely narrative eventuality, it could means so much more”

Which certainly hints that the events of Origins may tie in with those of Dragon Age II in DLC, something which is referred to  during the end of Dragon Age II when it’s said that Hawke is “gone like the Warden”.

Of course, this is all speculation and doesn’t truly confirm any DLC, but considering Biowares history with DLC – such as seen in Origins or Mass Effect 2 – it would make perfect sense to announce more DLC, and the ending of Dragon Age II certainly leaves it open to continue Hawkes tale, and perhaps to even allow Hawke and the Hero of Ferelden to meet.

Regardless of what form it takes, it’s safe to say that there will be more DLC for Dragon Age II, and that we must simply await its announcement.

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2 comments on “Dragon Age II – More DLC All But Confirmed?

  1. dragon age 2 is not long enough for a 70€ game. look at DUNGEON HUNTER 3 !!! it’s only 13€ and much better. more different monsters and places more abilities and 4 players online, better colours and graphics. i’ve got the 2 games. this shows how you can make a good game without ripping people off. so disappointed from dragon age 2… always the same places cheap graphics and colours…i liked dragon age 1 much better.

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