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It took me a very long time to start monetizing this site, and I still feel weird opening up an option for you guys to give me money directly. But here we are.

If you have money to spare and fancy helping support the site then there are a few ways you can do just that. First, you could consider turning off any Ad-blockers you might be running. On average I earn a pretty small $8 per month by displaying ads, and they aren’t very intrusive. They don’t pop up, block the screen, obscure the content or anything like that. This is probably the most passive and simple way to help keep the site running.

Another option is to use my Amazon affiliate links. These give me a small payment anytime you buy something from Amazon via any of my links, and costs you nothing! You’ll find these links at the bottom of some reviews, or you could make use of my special deal: 1-month of Amazon Prime for free! That means free delivery, heaps of movies and a pile of free video games! If you sign up, I get £3!

If you want to support more directly, you can opt to send money via the form below, choosing either a single payment or setting up a recurring payment.


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