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The Latest Issue Of Edge Is Not Impressed By The New Thief Game


The latest issue of Edge is currently sitting on store shelves just waiting for you to go and pick it up. But contained within its pages is something of a surprise: Edge isn’t too impressed with the upcoming Thief game from Eidos Montreal, having  had some time with it at this years E3 event.

In the issue they broke down the various titles they had a chance to play or admire at E3, providing a barrage of brief but enlightening previews. Thief’s preview was short, but didn’t paint the game in the best light. Usually I wouldn’t copy an entire article from a magazine, but given how short the preview was I think it’s okay to make an exception this time around. Here’s what Edge had to say:

“Rumours swirl about Thief’s troubled development, but it’s still a surprise to find so many clumsy systems and so much dimwitted stealth in E3′s hands-on demo. This Thief is to Thief: Deadly Shadows what Hitman: Absolution was to Hitman: Blood Money: a grasp at  mass-market appeal at the expense of systemic intricacies that made the series so good in the first place. Guards seem half-blind, combat is cumbersome, the world is a series of boxes. While this first hands-on needed to keep things simple to survive the harsh environment of the show floor, a series with a mission like the Cradle to its name should never be so terminally grey, so short on inspiration or so lacking in elegance. If nothing else Thief should meet the fantasy of being a stealthy cat burglar, but at the moment it makes you feel like just a common thug.”

Harsh words indeed for the returning series. Hopefully problems like the AI are going to be sorted by time the game finally releases, but whether or not the rest of the gameplay can live up to the series high standards remains to be seen, but at this point it certainly seems like Edge aren’t all that hopeful.

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One comment on “The Latest Issue Of Edge Is Not Impressed By The New Thief Game

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