Activision Announce SledgeHammer Is Developing This Years Call Of Duty – Each Game In The Series Will Now Have a Three Year Development Cycle


During their financial call Activision have revealed that the next Call of Duty game in the juggernaut franchise to be developed by Sledgehammer games, the company that previously worked alongside Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

With this announcement also came the news that the Call of Duty franchise would be switching to a three-year development cycle per game, clearly indicating that Sledgehammer are also planned to produce future titles.

What does this mean for us? Well, for one it means some relatively fresh bloody being thrown into the mix, but more importantly with a longer development time it provides the breeding grounds for more innovative, refined, interesting and possibly even risky changes being introduced to the series.


It also allows the separate studios more time to react to negative/positive criticism, something which Ghosts suffered from as the many praised changes made in Black Ops II were never felt, leaving Ghosts to feel like a step backwards.

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