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Reviews of boardgames. Obviously.

Posthuman Survive/Evolve Board Game Review – Mad Meeple: Fury Path

Designed By: Gordon Calleja Publisher: Mighty Box Players: 1-5 A copy of this game was supplied free by the publisher for review. (Single-Player is a series designed to review tabletop games that can be played solo, as well as with friends. While I do talk about playing the […]


The Witcher Adventure Board Game Review – The Game of the Game of the Books

Designed by: Ignacy Trzewiczek Published by: FFG Players: 2-4 Copy supplied free of charge by Esdevium Games for review. The idea of a Witcher boardgame developed by the same man responsible for highly thematic Robinson Crusoe is an inherently fascinating one. How could I not want to play […]

Sheriff of Nottingham Review – We’re Men. We’re Men In Tights!

  Designed by:  Sérgio Halaban, Bryan Pope, Benjamin Pope, and André Zatz Players: 3-5 Publisher: Arcane Wonders RRP: £39.99  Review copy supplied free of charge for review. (Bonus points if you got the reference in the title.) Everybody knows the legendary tale of Robin Hood, the outlaw who […]

Hey, That’s My Fish Review – No, Seriously, That’s My Fish, You Pillock

Designed by:  Alvydas Jakeliunas and Gunter Cornett Publisher: FFG RRP:  £9.99 Penguins are naturally funny little chaps, the source of endless amusement for kids and adults alike as they waddle around the ice in their little tuxedos. So what happens when you take those cute little blighters and […]

Dobble Review – No, I don’t Know What A Dobble Is, Either

Players: 2-8 Publisher: Asmodee RRP: £12.99 I’ve played countless games where complex mechanics interweave in fascinating ways to elaborately create powerful themes or clever gameplay. It’s very satisfying to watch as individual mechanics come together to form something greater than their whole, and this, of course, has led […]

(Single-Player) Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game Review – EXPLODING DICE!

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Designed by: Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler Players: 1-4 RRP: £29.99 This game was provided free of charge for review by Esdevium Games. (Single-Player is a new series designed to review tabletop games that can be played solo, as well as with friends. While […]

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