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Livelock Review – Robots With Capes. That’s All You Need To Know

Who doesn’t like big robots smashing stuff and shooting stuff? No one! And who doesn’t love a good twin-stick shooter/brawler? No one! At least, no one sensible or fun-loving. So how could you not like a twin-stick shooter/brawler featuring giant robots smashing stuff while wearing capes? No one, figures Toque, which is why they’ve just released Livelock, which is exactly that. So let’s jump in and take a look, eh?

Reigns Review – ‘Cause Some Watery Tart Threw A Sword At You

Platforms: PC, iOS, Android Reviewed On: PC Developer:¬† Nenal Publisher: Devolved Digital Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No [twitter-follow screen_name=’wolfsgamingblog’ show_count=’yes’] I¬†imagine ruling an entire kingdom must be incredibly challenging and complex. There’s a military that needs funding and constant management to make sure it doesn’t accidentally wage war on […]

F1 2016 Review – Podium Finish

Having skipped the last entry in the series, which proved to be somewhat controversial due to its list of stripped features, I’ve come back to Codemasters F1 series with a sense caution. Turns out I needn’t have worried, though, because in my eyes this is the best the series has been so far, delivering superb handling and a polished experience that suggests Codemasters learned their lessons from last year. Furthermore, they geeked out, tossing in safety cars, formation laps and manual launches off the starting line. Talk about compensating, eh?

Tom Vs The Armies Of Hell Review – Working 9-5 Really Is Hell

Tom leads a pretty normal life, working a nine to five coding job that typically lasts a lot longer than it should, and hating every minute of it. He’s stuffed into a little cubicle, alloted a 2-minute break each day and deals with people whom he barely cares about. It’s a familiar picture for so many people around the world who must trudge to a job they hate every day. Sadly for Tom hell on Earth literally becomes actual Hell as his entire building gets dragged into the fire-filled dimension from down under, all thanks to his company’s secret underground shenanigans with dimension-hopping technology. Things get somehow worse for Tom as a resident of Hell decides to use his entrails as a skipping rope, ripping off his arm in the process. Tom, though, doesn’t just get to die, which in many ways might be a preferable option, but rather his life is saved by a strange imp named Beezle who replaces his severed arm with a demonic one obtained from…eh, somewhere. That’s not all, though, because Beezle also holds Tom’s soul, meaning Tom has to go along with Beezle’s plans.

Earth Space Colonies Review – In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Curse The Lack Of Automation

Platforms: PC Reviewed On: PC Developer: Persona and Pixel Studio Publisher: Persona and Pixel Studio Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No Review code provided free of charge by the publisher. [twitter-follow screen_name=’wolfsgamingblog’ show_count=’yes’] Terraforming other planets has long been a staple of science fiction. As the years have passed this […]

DOOM Review – So. Much. Gore.

I need to amend my article from a short while ago detail my seven favorite games of 2016 so far, because DOOM needs to be right near the top with the Witcher 3’s Blood & Wine DLC. This is a return to a simpler time of lighting fast movement and balls-to-the-wall shooting that leaves you a little bit breathless and a whole lot happy. It’s exciting, visceral and a whole bunch of other PR friendly words that you’d probably find adorning a press release. DOOM kills it throughout the entirety of its campaign. It’s only misteps are its forays into the realms of competitive multiplayer.

Furi Review – Furious Concentration

Platforms: PC, PS4 Reviewed On: PC Developer: The Game Bakers Publisher: The Game Bakers Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No Review code provided free of charge by the developers. [twitter-follow screen_name=’wolfsgamingblog’ show_count=’yes’] Oh, Furi, why couldn’t you have launched last week? If you had arrived earlier you would have easily […]