I Lose Power For A Few Days And Sony Buys Bungie. WTF?

Having been battered by two separate storms that decided to form a tag-team over the course of two days, I’ve been stuck without any power for around 60-hours now in a freezing cold house and a manic German Shepard that freaks out as soon as the wind gusts more than jogging speed. Needless to say, it hasn’t been fun. Mobile signal has been patchy at best, so I’ve been out of the gaming news loop for a while. But surely nothing too big could have happened in such a small time-frame, right? I mean, Microsoft just bought Activision-Blizzard for an obscene amount of cash, so surely that’s all the big news for now? Nope. You lose power for a few days and suddenly Sony buys Bungie. Bloody hell. What, you couldn’t wait a few days Sony? Gits.

Halo Infinite Campaign Review – Dawn of a new Halo?

Halo Infinite certainly opens with a bang, leaping straight into a cinematic that picks up exactly where Halo 5 left us during its cliffhanger ending. We witness the UNSC Infinity being destroyed at the hands of the Banished, while the Master Chief is systematically picked apart by the hulking form of Atriox, a character first introduced in Halo Wars 2. As opening sequences go it’s definitely explosive and attention-grabbing, but it’s also the first example of how Infinite can feel rushed and at odds with itself; you never get to take control of the Chief and join the fight for the Infinity. The destruction of the Infinity, a major part of the Halo lore, is glossed over in a brief cutscene, the death of its crew barely shown. There was a perfect opportunity to create a level built around the desperate fight to save the ship and the inevitable loss you would have to suffer at the hands of Atriox. For some reason, however, 343 opt to tell the players what happened and rarely show, a theme that permeates the entirety of Halo Infinite.

Best Games On Xbox Game Pass – Halo Wars 2 Is Overlooked

The venerable Halo franchise holds a hallowed place in the history of gaming as one of the greatest FPS franchises ever, even if the more recent entries from 343 Industries are more… divisive. But in the midst of that all that first-person goodness it’s easy to forget the two Halo spin-offs that took the series in very different directions. The two top-down twin-stick shooters were terrible attempts to capitalise on the Halo name and should never been spoken of in polite conversation. Halo Wars, on the other hand, fared much better when it tried to help bring the RTS genre to the Xbox 360 in 2009 and earned itself a sequel, albeit a sequel that eight years to arrive. While Halo Wars 2 is actually the newest Halo game to have been released, it’s also incredibly easy to overlook. I’m here to tell you that Halo Wars 2 is a real-time strategy gem that acts as a great jumping off point for bigger, more awesome RTS titles.

Weekend Whammy: Boneworks, The Witcher Show & Sneezing

Hello my friends, I’ve somehow managed to acquire another bloody cold, so I’ve not really been doing very much over the past couple of days. Still, I wanted to get a Weekend Whammy out there and ask about what you fine folks have been playing over the past week or two?

Weekend Whammy: The Week of RTS & Halo Is On PC

Hello my friends, my family, my loyal minions. It’s time for another Weekend Whammy and this week I’m talking about a few RTS games and celebrating the fact that Halo is coming to PC right about…er, now, actually. What a time to be alive, eh? The world might be going crazy but at least Halo…

Halo: Fleet Battles Review – Master Ship

While everyone awaits a new Halo sequel from 343, why not pass the time with Spartan Games Halo: Fleet Battles, a tabletop miniatures game about UNSC and Covenant ships colliding? Let’s see if it’s worth picking up in this review.

Bungie Go To Meet Their Destiny

For Bungie I can only imagine that it’s a slightly stressful time. Although they did create several critical hits before going on to sculpt Halo, the team as it stands now is a one-hit wonder, known almost exclusively for their work on the legendary Halo series. With Master Chief now in the hands of 343…

Halo 2: Anniversary Cinematic Trailer Is Drop-Dead Gorgeus

343 Industries have just released a trailer showing off a few choice snippets of the completely remastered cutscenes for Halo 2: Anniversary, and damn are they beautiful. Naturally these are completely CGI and don’t represent the actual gameplay, but the sheer effort going into remastering such an old game is easy to appreciate. Halo 2:…

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Trailer Released

343 Industries upcoming collection of all the Halo games to date has just gotten a surprise trailer. If you weren’t already aware then the package will contain HD remasters of the first two games, while the two newer titles will be updated to a higher resolution. All four games will retain there multiplayer components along…