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Sony Announce Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Considerable hype has been building for this Friday, all thanks to Sony promising to unveil a huge new exclusive for their platform. True to their word, Sony have revealed Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal, a “celebration of a storied history of great characters and rich worlds brought together in one game” being developer by SuperBot. If you want […]

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Battle: Los Angeles – Review

Xbox Live Arcade Title Release Date: Out Now. Price: 800MSP Singleplayer: Yes Split-screen: No Co-op: No Multiplayer: No. It’s time for another movie tie-in, but this one is slightly different as its been released onto Xbox Live Arcade for the mere sum of 800MSP instead of getting a full retail release like most do. However, Battle: Lost […]

Battle: Lost Angeles Announced for XBLA

It’s time to let out a sigh as another movie tie-in game is announed, but this time it’s not a full retail but rather an Xbox Live Arcade game. There’s hope yet, then. Battle: Lost Angeles is a new sci-fi action film releasing on March 11th which sees yet another alien horde invading earth, with Los Angeles […]

Assassins Creed DLC detailed

Ubisoft are starting to slowly give up details on the new Assassins Creed 2 DLC. The Battle of Forli will be released in late January (no solid release date as of yet) and will give players a further 6 missions to playthrough. Ezio will be defending the Orsi brothers whilst trying to retain a piece of […]

Assassins Creed 2 DLC video

Want a sneak peek at the new DLC for Assassins Creed 2? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tcmcqq0z1Cc&feature=sub Both of these DLC packs are based in real history,though of course they have been changed ever so slightly to suit the storyline. Both DLC’s are looking very good and will come it at around the 1GB mark each.