New Brutal Legend DLC arriving this month!

It’s no secret that Brutal Legends last DLC pack (Tears of the Hextadon) was a bit of dissapointment.

However Double Fine look like there going to amend this with there second DLC pack,Hammer Of Infinite Fate.
This new DLC pack will be arriving on Xbox Live Marketplace on the 17th of December and cost 480 Microsoft Points.

So what do you get for your hard earned points?

Coming with the new pack is 3 brand new outfit for Eddie Riggs as well as 7 new back Patches to add extra style to your outfit as you hack demons to death.
The Deuce will also be getting a facelift with 4 brand new paint jobs and 4 brand new upgrades,including the all seeing Oculus of the Lost ,which is effectively a GPS that can find Bound Serpents and other hidden collectibles.
The Deuce will also be getting Eye of Sorrow which harnesses the power of the Sea of Black Tears along with the Disgorger and Coiling Maw.

Players can also unlock 9 brand new achievements based around the new pack,along with 4 brand new multiplayer maps.

“I’m excited about the beard, or course, and the new achievements and trophies,” said Tim Schafer, President of Double Fine Productions. “But the thing I really can’t wait to get my hands on is that Oculus of the Lost. Using it to find the last Bound Serpent isn’t cheating, because it looks so cool on my car.”

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