Hi,how are you?

Im great! Just had a fantastic 40 kill Chopper Spree on the Bad Company 2 Demo, so im well!

 Whats your first name?

Ashley, which gets a lot of ‘OMG a G1rL 0n Xb0x’ responses in certain game lobbies, predictably, from the Americans.

 Tell us a little about yourself?

Well im 18, born and bred in Cardiff, Wales and been gaming since around 1998-ish. My console transition has gone Sega GameGear, to Playstation, to Playstation 2 and now here, on 360. I was planning on getting a hat-trick of Sony’s consoles until a group of friends decided to go for the Xbox. As of December 2007 I followed suit and inserted Halo 3 into the disc tray. Needless to say, i’ve never looked back.

 Whats the best game ever and why?

Ouch! So many to choose from, I can think of 7 off the top of my head. Im going to have to go with Kula World on the PlayStation. I hate puzzle games with a passion, but this game seemed different. Being a Beach Ball, collecting fruit and sun glasses, all the while trying to avoid death spikes and falling off the floating levels into oblivion, good times! I’ve also got to give special mentions to San Andreas, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Ridge Racer and Ninja Gaiden for the Sega GameGear!

 Any thoughts on Natal?

I see Natal as something only to boost 360 sales. The games will be pointless, expensive and boring and i’ve already got a Wii (which I never even use!) so I don’t think I will be purchasing Natal. When it is released, I believe that the 360 will be in the middle of it’s lifespan, meaning the next Xbox console will be on the horizon.

 Whats your proudest gaming moment?

For Single Player story-wise it would have to be killing Zakhaev in Call of Duty 4, not knowing if Price survived. Then in Modern Warfare 2 busting Price out of the Gulag and handing him back the pistol that did the job, that was pretty epic. Online i’ve had too many. One would have to be a huge full lobby Forge fight on Halo 3 with my 2 friends. Everyone was spawning power weapons and vehicles, we kept to ourselfs and racked up the kills until 1 by one our opponents forfeited and we were left stood atop of a mountain of forge items, it was very symbolic of our victory, I even took a screenshot and put it on a YouTube video of my Halo 3 Screens!

Tell us a joke?

Why did the Elephant take toilet roll to the party? Because he was a party pooper. I know, but it was off a Penguin wrapper.

 Whats your thoughts on DLC?

Im a big fan of anything which adds longevity to a game. For instance, things like the level packs for N+ and the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2 campaign are fantastic in my book. I also like it when developers time their DLC releases properly to coincide with the demand for more in game content (ie Bungie and the Halo 3 Map Packs). However, charging for things already on disc which should be available anyway (Im talking to you Infinity Ward!) is seemingly underhanded and distasteful.

 Time for some shoutouts, who do you think the best of the community are?

I love the community. It’s easily the best forum i’ve been a part of, everyone’s opinionated (in a good way!) and funny. So, shoutout’s to SunridgeS, zombiedaddy, FatMond, Rygar21, The Charliee, Raindog85, my fellow Welshy Got Sheep and you Wolf!

 Funniest moment on Live?

Basically every time im on Halo 3 in a Big Team Battle, i’ve met some crazy people on Halo 3!
Recently though me and my friends were in a private match on MW2 when somebody I met on Forza 3 joins with his 9 year old Welsh friend who starts spouting insults in our direction (I gave him some leeway considering he’s Welsh but he persisted) Insults like making fun of the size of my chin (Y’know, Primary School stuff). We challenged him to a game where we beat him and his friend so bad he told his brother to log on and join the game! 3v3 we had another game where we again destroyed them, so cue more insults until they all left with their tales between there legs! We were in stitches at some of the insults, I couldn’t breathe at one point

 Have you ever tried to construct a doomsday machine out of your Xbox 360?

Not yet, im out of warranty and im afraid I will give it RROD and miss out on Bad Company 2!

 Do you actually read game manuals?

Nothing like a good manual to read whilst waiting during intense loading and spawn times! GTA always has had great ones, as has Halo and Left4Dead. Modern Warfare 2’s is basically a warranty warning against piracy (Yeah, it didn’t work). If it’s controls I need, I, being a man, work them out myself in a corner of the map alone until I feel ready to hand out some pain.

 Do you read reviews, if so who’s reviews do you trust the most?

Used to be IGN but i’ve grown tired with them of late. If I have the money, I will buy an OXM mag which never dissapoints, they have good Single Player, Multiplayer and DLC reviews which I trust. Yours seem to be coming along great so maybe I won’t need OXM in the future!

 A few weeks ago saw the new wave of Xbox Ambassadors which was greeted with alot of abuse, why do you think this is?

Some forum members who had low CUL’s or were rarely seen on the Forums were chosen whilst others overlooked. Even some of my favourite members decided against applying anyway which meant a lot of unknown Ambassadors. In future, i’d like to see a community poll so the community can vote on who they want to represent them. Well, thats what my failed GCSE in Law taught me anyway….

 Best game boss?

I like the Monitor on Halo 3, he was a challenge until I got my groove on. The Evil Wizard on Castle Crashers was brilliant as it incorporated many in-game boss Cliches, including thinking you have beat him, only for him to regenerate and come back stronger! That took effort, but the epic ending movie made it worthwhile, too bad the maker isn’t a fan of sequels so I don’t think we will be seeing Castle Crashers 2

If you could pick one game character to go on a date with, who would it be and why?

Hmm that’s a toughie. A lot of choice, but i’d go with the dispatch girl from Bad Company as she has a purdy voice…And it would annoy the hell outta Sweetwater!

 What do you think of XBLA?

The Xbox Live Arcade is incredible. My first purchase was N+. I was a big fan of the freeware PC version and it was a steal at 800MS points. I’ve also had fun with the free titles, Hexic HD and Undertow (Not so much Undertow) and others I have bought like Castle Crashers and Battlefield 1943. My next purchase will be ScrapMetal which looks like a cross between Destruction Derby and MicroMachines v3, the Arcade just keeps on giving, I swear I have enjoyed some of those gems more tham most retail games.
Thanks for your time!

I enjoyed it, thanks for your time mate!

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