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Checking Out Engage Gaming In Aberdeen, A Social Space For Gamers, And Interviewing The People Behind It

Located a block away from Aberdeen’s main street and roughly a ten-minute walk from the train station Engage isn’t quite something you’d stumble across by accident as its slightly tucked away on a back street. That’s a shame because while its boring grey facade might not grab your attention venturing upstairs reveals an open-plan room dedicated to gaming. Here you can walk in, sit down and start playing videogames with a bunch of other folk. It’s almost like gamers are actually social or something. Sheesh.


Q&A With Daniel Charbit Of Dell: Shiny Tech, Alienware And The Future Of VR

Who are you, and what do you do? I’m Daniel Charbit, UK consumer brand & category merchandising manager at Dell By the time this Q&A gets published you’ll be on the floor of PC Gamer Weekender! Feeling excited? Will you be very busy across the weekend? I’m really excited! […]

Interview With Jonathan Dubsky On His Role In Watch Dogs 2, Aspergers And Movies

The original Watch Dogs was received with very mixed opinions when it released. Many found its lead character to be stale, it’s open world formulaic and its gameplay pretty standard. It’s safe to say, then, that Watch Dogs 2 was a pleasant surprise, getting a considerably more positive […]

Star Wars: Battlefront To Have Microtransactions?

Eurogamer recently held a short and interesting interview with a member of DICE regarding their forthcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title. The interview wasn’t interesting because of how much information was revealed, though, but rather because of how evasive and completely generic it was. After fending off a question […]

Interview With Jos Hoebe Of BlackMill Games About Verdun, A Brilliant World War 1 Multiplayer FPS

Following up on my interview with Colossal Order about their excellent game Cities: Skylines, which you can read HERE, comes a session with Jos Hoebe of Blackmill Games, one half of the development team responsible for Verdun, a rather brilliant World War 1 multiplayer FPS. I was rather […]

Lead Designer Of Spec Ops: The Line Talks About The Games Brutal Executions And Narrative Design

  It’s easy to write off Spec Ops: The Line as just another brainless third-person shooter, but that’s not the case as Yager Entertainment, the games developers, are determined to create something with true emotional depth – no easy task for a shooter. Set in Dubai where a freak sandstorm […]

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