Star Wars: Battlefront To Have Microtransactions?


Eurogamer recently held a short and interesting interview with a member of DICE regarding their forthcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title. The interview wasn’t interesting because of how much information was revealed, though, but rather because of how evasive and completely generic it was.

After fending off a question regarding why AT-ATs were on rails by claiming that having them otherwise would be game breaking, Eurogamer attempted to ask why there wouldn’t be any space battles. DICE immediately turned evasive, setting the stage for the rest of the interview.

“We’re two generations on from the last Battlefront. Our goal was to hit all the core mechanics of the series. So the fantasy for us was to be able to engage in a dogfight, be in the cockpit of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter. And you can absolutely do that.”

Eurogamer tried again by asking if space battles would come in the future and whether the Frostbite engine could do it, to which DICE were again evasive.

However, their desire to avoid numerous topics has seemingly revealed an interesting snippet of information. Moving on to DLC Eurogamer began asking whether a season pass would be implemented, but were told that DICE weren’t talking about that yet. Eurogamer then quizzed them about microstransactions, to which DICE replied,  “Again, we’re not talking about any DLC. Just what we’re showing at E3.”

Eurogamer pushed them again, commenting that Microtransactions weren’t DLC. DICE replied again, “We’re not talking about that today.”

Now, it’s very possible this is just a blanket statement regarding not commenting on DLC of any sort, but it reads much more like microtransactions are in fact going to be in the game, otherwise DICE would surely have just denied it. The wording strong implies their existence, and that they’ll be revealed much later.

Most likely it seems, at least to me, that the game will include a variation of the Battlepack system seen in other EA titles like Mass Effect 3 and just recently Battlefield: Hardline.


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  1. That’s the kind of thing that makes me sad about modern gaming. And it is even worse that i won’t back down from buyin’ it, because, as a fan, i am really impressed by the things we’ve seen so far.

  2. Lester says:

    Base game: $69.99 Collector’s edition: $129.99
    Season Pass: $39.99

    Seriously. Fuck EA. And Activision, Ubisoft and the rest of them for slowly suffocating the one thing that made them all that money in the first place.

  3. GORGE says:

    Will Star Wars Battlefront be a mobile game?! If not, then why are they even opting for microtransactions in-game? This indeed sounds pretty insane to me and I really believe that the developer is in a rip-off mood! I would rather play Electricity: , it’s a cool arcade app and it’s free with one-off and optional transaction!

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