Hi, how are you?

I’m Great, A bit tired to tell the truth but that is a given seeing as i have been busy all day painting lol

Whats your first name?

My Name is Chris, Just Chris aswell it’s not short for Christopher or christian

Tell us about yourself?

Well I am a fun loving guy, i just turned 22 well I say just it was a couple of weeks ago. I love my football, Massive Arsenal fan and i go to games when ever I can. I also play For my local team Churchbury, We are not great but we aint bad either. If im not playing/watching  football then ill most likely be on the 360 lol

Best game ever and why?

Best Game is a hard one to call, As i have quite a few. It’s definetly between L4D and CoD4 on the 360. But best game of all time would have to go to Metal Gear Solid, that game was just epic. Solid Snake is one of the best lead characters in a games franchise, His up there with Mario and Sonic.

Tell us a joke?

A joke well I don’t know many clean jokes or ones that will carry the laughs in text but here goes. A Snake and an Elephant are in the jungle bored out of there minds, Snake asks the elephant if he wants to play a game. So the Elephant replies “yes ill play a game”, The snake suggests a game of snooker. To which the elephant asks how can we play snooker without any Cues or balls, So the snake said ” We do Tricks instead of shots”. So the elephant says “ok you can break”, The snake tells the elephant the trick he will attempt. ” I’m going to shoot up your trunk and work my way through your body and come out the other end. So the snake shoots up the elephant’s trunk and starts working his way through the elephant’s body, When suddenly the elephant sticks his trunk up his bum and replies ” Hows that for a snooker”

What game/games are you most looking forward to?

Well it has to be Halo Reach and Splinter Cell Conviction, though i am also looking forward to the new cod and fifa aswell as Medal of Honors new game where they have followed suit of new FPS games to be set in the warzone of today.

What do you think of Indie games?

As a whole they tend to be good value for what they are and have produce some real gems. I made a game with Zombies in is rather good. I don’t really play a lot of indie games but what I have seen of them they are rather good, seeing as they are made on a low budget

Whats your take on the Xbox vs Ps3 war?

The battle of the Consoles is a joke as neither Xbox or PS3 are superior, if anything the Wii id the best console of this generation as it has sold more units than both the 360 and ps3. Though i did own a ps3 I sold it after completing Metal gear solid 4, And kept the 360 which i love. so i will sound a little bit of a fan boy

Proudest gaming moment?

Either being in the top 100 players online on FIFA09 for the first few months or Completing The Endure Cheevo on Halo:ODST, that was a git to complete. it wasnt hard just the fact it took around 2 hours and people kept disconnecting or leaving.

Most embarrassing gaming moment?

Most recently would be probably thinking i was good on Street Fighter IV and going online and getting my butt handed to me every time. Or the worst ever gaming memory would be playing a Fifa Tourney with my mates for money and losing to my mates 8 year old brother. I still have nightmares about it lol

Biggest “duh” moment whilst gaming?

Playing Far Cry 2, i just got so annoyed with that game it was unreal. Some of the tasks where simple enough but i still kept getting lost and i still to this day have yet to finish that game.

Do you think games have reached the same level of social acceptance as films,TV and books?

Gaming is getting there if not already there, but at the same time will always be branded a thing for geeks or nerds by certain people. Gaming is more mainstream now then it was a few years back, Dont forget we are the Gadget Generation.

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? (and you cannot say 42)

As a wise man once said “All you need is love”, I do strongly believe we are here just to love each other and have a good time. though the true meaning of life is REPRODUCTION, passing on what we know to our younger and less wise children. Man that made me sound like a hippy

What do you think of the community?

Well i only started using the forums about 2 years ago, and i have noticed the downfall recently but we are starting to build the community back to what it once was. I have gained and given help many times via threads and made quite a few friends along the way. I would tell anyone with a 360 to join the forums, without a doubt.

Nows your chance to give the best of them a shoutout!

Well I would say i made 3 very good friends from the forums who are IRN RYN, STAndy04 and Matt Bower. I would also like to thank everyone on my friends list and anyone i have had the pleasure of gaming with from the forums to making Xbox Live the best online gaming experience in the world lol

Do you think games are becoming too easy?

I dunno about that, you try and complete Street Fighter to the full 1000Gs lol. completing a game via story mode yea a lot of games now adays seem to be alot easier then the early days of Snes and mege drive games. But i think as i said before gaming has gone more mainstream so they have made a lot of games easier for the average gamer rather than the hardcore.

Any last words?

Live long Live free and what ever you do, Dont eat yellow snow lol

Thanks for your time, it’s been a pleasure!

The pleasure was all mine, Its been emotional.

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