Jake Razzberry-Interview

Hi, how are you?

Im very good actually mate. Been a long tiring day but hey, lifes unfair right? RIGHT?
Whats your first name?

You`ll all be shocked to hear that my first name is wait for it……………Jake!!!!!! :O
Tell us about yourself?
Well im a 15 year old (16 in May :P) gamer from Radcliffe in Manchester (w00t). Currently studying for my GCSEs so I can (hopefully) get into Bury college, which is one of the highest rated colleges in the country ive heard ;). In my spare time im either on MSN chatting to mates, tweeting to some of the forumers or just chillin on the xbox. Dont really know what else to say… not a very interesting person 🙁

Best game ever and why?

Ooooh thats a toughie. On 360 it would probably be Mass Effect 2 just for the sheer amazing storyline and awesome characters, te 3rd one has a lot to live up to. I think my favourite game of all time would have to be Star Ocean: Till the end of time on the PS2. Mainly for just how awesome the combat in that game was (and still is) and for the huge amount of playtime ive put into it.
Proudest gaming moment?

I felt pretty proud of myself when I got my first 1000g in a game. It was on Viking:Battle for Asgard. I think my proudest one has to be when I was playing a social slayer game on Halo and my team were winning around 25-18 when the whole of my team quits out but still managing to win the game against all 4 members of the enemy team (back when social slayer was 4v4) 42-39 when time ran out. The messages I got from that lol
What game/s are you most looking forward to in 2010?

For me Halo:Reach is the one standing out most to me. It looks like its just gonna ooze pure awesome sauce. Battlefield:Bad Company 2 is also a must buy for me as the demo is just amazing. Some other games im also planning to pick up this year are Lost Planet 2, Red Dead Redemption, Deadrising 2 and maybe Cod:Vietnam (it is called that isnt it :S)
What game would you love to get a sequel?
Well Red Faction:Guerilla and The Force Unleashed have both have announced sequels (THQ said they were making a Guerilla sequel) so they should be pretty good. Brutal Legend deserves a sequel as that was a top game. Id also actually quite like to see a sequel for Borderlands aswell. Im sure there is more but my minds gone blank lol
Biggest gaming “duh” moment?

Oooh ive had a few of them. My biggest one would have to be start of this year. Me and my mate were playing Hardcore Headquarters Pro: Ricochet (one of the ricochet
gametypes anyway lol). And my told me to shoot him right in the face. I thought `lol, why not?` and shot him in the face only to realise that as soon as I pulled the trigger, I died. He still teases me about that today 😛
What do you think of the Xbox community as a whole?

Its a great place to hang and talk about all things xbox related. I mean sure there been some downtimes on the forums but its still a great place to meet some great people to talk and game with 🙂
Give a shoutout to the best of!

Oooooo I dont wanna favouritise anyone. So im gonna give a big shoutout to everyone from the forums ive played with (you know who you are) in many games such as Cod, Gears, Halo. You all rock!
Your one of the new Xbox Ambassadors, are you proud to be one?

Im quite happy to be an xbox ambassador as im a genuinely freindly guy who makes newcomers to live feel comfortable and make them feel at home. And sice DMZilla is now in control of the ambassador program, im sure ambassadors will be more involved in the role than they have been before
What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

Being an ambassador means thats its your reponsibility to give the new members of Xbox live a very warm welcome. And as I said in the above question, Im a very freindly and guy and theres no need to be shy when talking to me as Im a great laugh to be with 🙂
Tell us a joke….
Hmmmmmm. Its hard to think of on that doesn`t bring a dirty image to mind lol. How about this one, its funnier in voice than text though lol:
There 3 guys called Zip,Willy and Pee. They`re behaving badly in the classroom with Zip jumping on the table and the other 2 picking on other classmates when the teacher walks in catches them behaving badly and says:
“Zip down, Willy out, and Pee in the corner”
Like I said, its not as funny in text.
If we evolved from ape’s, why are there still ape’s?

Good question! Maybe we were gentically mutated. But if that was true, who was genetically mutating us? Confusing indeed…..
Who is your fave game developer and why?
Theres way too many good developers out there for to just pick one. But my favourites have to be Ubisoft for great series like Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell and Bioware for making epic RPGs such as Mass Effect
Whats your fave T.V series?

I dont watch telly as much as I used to. I remember back when I was in primary school my favourite T.V series were Pokemon, Sonic X and Shaman King. But now Id have to say my favourite TV series would have to be Family Guy just for the uge lols I get from watching it 😀
And the best film ever and why.
Id have to say either Star wars Episode III or Lord of the Rings: Return of the king. Both are such epic movies and are easily my two favourite films ever. And yes, I am that minority that are yet to see Avatar.
Tea or coffee?

Has to be Tea. I dont know what it is about coffee but I just dont like it any form whether its drink or cake, I just cant stand it.
What do you think of Natal?

Natal looks great no doubt about that. The technology of it looks fantastic and as we saw at E3 last year, it seems respond incredibly and as we all know its due out around the christmas period. The only problem that I can see is that there isnt going to be enough decent games supporting it and the novelty of it will wear of by the following spring.
Any last words?

Yeah, when will my cheque arrive in the post 😉
Thanks for your time, it’s been a pleasure!
Your very welcome. Its my pleasure!

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