Hey, how are you?
Hey Hey! Im brilliant thanks!

Whats your first name?
Its Jonathan.

Tell us about yourself?

Il try not to bore you! Im a hard working 23yr old Lancashire bloke, who likes to spread a little cheer in the world! I work 9-5 as a manager of an advertising firm, ( well I say 9-5 but its more like lol. ) play xbox with my mates when I get home, ( my girlfriends studying for another degree at the moment, so I have the tv free for a few hours every night! ) and go out and get slotted at the weekend! ( thats the drink type of slotted not the Call of Duty type! ) I play a few sports but have been trying to lose weight after indulging too much during the winter months! Im really looking forward to summer as I have a holiday booked in Spain and I love to have BBQ parties at mine most weekends which mostly involve a lot of drinking and a lot of burnt meat!
I’l also an active member of who are a great bunch of people who game for fun.
Whats the best game ever and why?

hmm thats a tough one, thats hard for me to choose, there are so many different factors involved in making a game great – graphics, game play, music, controls and with new games coming out all the time with better graphics etc its difficult. However Im going to choose Halo : Combat Evolved. Simply because it was the first game that really got me into gaming – before that it was just a bit of Alex Kidd and sonic for me. I didn’t realize before I played that game, how much a game can capture your imagination, and the music and storyline were amazing!
What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?
I was most looking forward to Mass Effect 2, which I am now playing through. Its really really good. However now I suppose its Fable 3! Im quite looking forward to seeing how MS are going to make Natal work aswell!

You are one of the new Xbox Ambassadors, why do you think the Ambassadors were greeted by such hostility?

I have no idea really! Im on a lot and I like to try and help people so I thought it would be good. Its not like we get any special privileges, we are just a bunch of people new gamers can ask for help from. I hope I dont get chucked out the program for this but I think a lot of people who are involved in the new wave of ambassadors really dont understand the point at all, they think they should be having special gaming nights and mentions on OXM reports, and buttons on the dashboard, when really its just about helping people out.

Tell us a joke?

Hmmmm, trying to think of a clean one! Here we go…And then God created Saturn…and he liked it, so he put a ring on it…

Whats your proudest gaming moment?

Err, I think its probably completing The Library on Legendary!! Now that was a hard level! Especially with that annoying blue thing humming!

Biggest gaming “duh” moment?
Biggest duhhh moment has to be buying Two Worlds!!lol.
Biggest huhh? moment has to be on Need for Speed Underground 2, that game had a thing I liked to call last lap syndrome, you could be winning a really long race easily, and all of a sudden the computer would put a load of cars on the map in front of you making you crash. One time, and this is gods honest truth, I was winning a race easily and the computer dropped a car, out of the sky!, and directly into my path! lol, I broke some controllers playing that game.

If you could change one thing about the world of Xbox, what would it be and why?

I would love it if you could go on Modern Warfare 2 and actually speak to people like normal human beings, without being told your an idiot, or your crap, or that they are the hardest person in world and they are going to come round and beat you up. Its laughable really some of the people who seem to frequent the game lobbies of Cod games.

If you could have a theme tune to your life, what would it be and why?

Another hard one! I would love to have Darth Vadars theme tune play everytime I walked into a room, or even better the Indiana Jones theme tune!! Even better!

Family Guy, American Dad or The Simpsons? or none of those?

I like Family Guy and The Simpsons but my cup of tea is more Mighty Boosh stuff.

Fave movie?

Has to be The Lord of the Rings trilogy, absolutely brilliant!

Gaming snacks?

Toffee pops and brews! Although I bought some Nestle Crunch the other day and it was well good! One thing you should never do is try and eat an ice lolly whilst gaming!

Give the best of the community a shoutout!

I like all the guys over their! Shoutout to everyone!! Woooooo!

Whats the longest gaming session you’ve done?

I once did around 12 hours on Need For Speed Underground 2 with a couple of mates round at mine. I always remember it was back when we were at college, I was skint, my parents were on holiday and the only thing I could find to eat in the house was a massive beef joint my mum had in the freezer. Took absolutely ages to cook!! Think we had it at like 6 in the morning.

When and how is the world going to end?

Either in billions of years time by the sun exploding or when I next hold a door open for someone and they dont say thanks. I havnt decided yet!

Any last words?

I suppose I love you would be inappropriate?

It’s been a pleasure!
Got you thinking now havnt I! (I’ll pick you up at 8)

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