Mass Effect 2 DLC will be free!

Mass Effect 2 fans can look forward to even more FREE DLC in late March as Bioware will be releasing the Firewalker pack.

This pack will give players 5 new missions based around a new vehicle, the Hammerhead.
This massive Hovercraft can travel up to 120 kilometers per hour and feauturing a guided missile system, it beats a little Skoda anyday of the week.

No solid release date as of yet apart from the vague late March, but expect it around the 25th I would predict.

As long as I can paint it neon green and put some window tint on that bad boy I’m happy.    FREE!!!

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  1. no way!! well that throws my theory on the DLC out the with all the free DLC thats been released already i thought bioware was jsut grooming us for when they do eventualy release DLC that includes the hamerhead.

    i realy thought that was gonna be paid DLC. ive seen people pay 800MSP for less than whats in this pack.nice info man i didnt know about that

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