The Razer Onza Controller Ships Soon.

A new controller is going to hit the Xbox market soon in the form of Razers new Onza Standard controller.

The new controller will feature Razers Hyperesponse buttons along with a new d-pad design for extra precision (should be good for fighting game fans then) and also features two multi-function buttons that sit above the triggers. These two buttons can be remapped to any of the other existing controls, though how useful this function will be remains to be discovered.

Wireless fans should note that this new piece of kit is wired. According to the press release from Razer this is for “lag-free control” though standard wireless controllers seem to fair well enough.

At the moment this new controller is selling at the main site for £39.95 (pre-orders only at the moment) and will go on sale at the end of February.

Shortly afterwards Razer will also be releasing a Tournament Edition of the controller along with their Chimaera Surround Sound headset which is pictured below.

Chimaera Headset.

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  1. Hi
    The Raze Organza definitely looks the part, and I’d much plug one of those in to my computer than that beige Microsoft thing — that’s before you get to the actual nice stuff. The match Edition (pictured above) has some nifty tiny features that include the same Hyper-response expertise

  2. Hi
    The Raze Onida is one controller that has caught my eye. Although it is a wired controller, five things have me interested. The first is the adjustable tension on the joysticks. While plenty of of you will say this is a gimmick, I can see myself using this for Fora 3.

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