Silent Hill: Downpour – Screenshots Aplenty

Silent Hill 8 now has a true name, and it’s Downpour.

Konami have now released screenshots of their new Silent Hill game along with a few small details on the game.
The story will follow Murphy Pendleton, a convict, who is stuck in the foggy world of Silent Hill. He finds himself alone and lost after the prison bus crashes leaving him stranded.

After that Konami claim that what happens is up to the player in an expansive yet clausterphobic world, one where you’re never truly alone.

Konami have also announced that Daniel Licht, best know for his work on acclaimed  seriel killer drama, Dexter,will be providing the games eerie soundtrack.

The screenshots released are extensive, but here we go:

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  1. Those look great. I can’t wait for this one. Especially since they’re using the amazing psychological aspects and flashlight physics from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. That game was great because you would occasionally flash back to a psychologist’s office where you’d complete profile tests and colour an image. Your replies were calculated and made their way into the game (in character designs and the like,) and the way you coloured the building and its surroundings showed up-in game too.

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