The Players Guide to Breach

Breach is a tactical game and one that takes a while to master, so I’m here with a quick guide on how to get started in Breach, but becoming a pro is all down to you.
So let’s get those Call of Duty instincts out of your head and all your Halo jumping kicked out off you and teach you how play with your head, and I don’t jut mean using it as target practice for enemy snipers.

Read the review of Breach.

This guide assumes that you’ve at least read the “How to Play” section and have knowledge of the basic controls.

Breach is a game that needs teamwork to flourish. Without the game just isn’t as fun, and without it your team will get utterly humiliated by any team that has the vaguest concept of working together.
Get yourself in the habit of backing up team-mates in a fight, and don’t just run off so you can kill some lone player miles in the distance or you’ll get your team kill.
Call of Duty uses little teamwork, and Bad Company 2 only uses some so it’s important to get these bad habits out of your system.

Breach is about patience and tactics. Taking your time and moving from position to position in a careful manner will win the day here, bur charging around like a drug addled chick Call of Duty style will get you owned within seconds.
Key here is learning how to use your head and think your way through problems, don’t just charge in head first because it only takes a few rounds to put you down and the maps have plenty of open spaces.
Flanking maneuvers and learning how to use suppression and destruction intelligently are vital to becoming a master at Breach.

Breach is one of the few games to come with a suppression system; when in cover if your being shot at your accuracy will drop if you try to fire back. This replicates real-life.
When your being suppressed the screen will shake and go a white-ish color, so don’t bother popping out, just wait for them to reload and either lay down your own fire or move position.
Used against the enemy this is a valuable tactic, just remember that when you have to reload your opponent has a chance to fire back or run for it so time your reloads with team-mates to keep them pinned down.

In case you didn’t get the message: cover. It’s vitally important in Breach that you use cover as it will give you the tactical edge over anybody not using it and allow you to come out of 1 v 3 gunfights alive when used well.
Blindfire is possible from behind cover by just holding RT, but unless your enemy is ony two feet away this is mostly a waste of ammo. It’s main use is for the suppression system, simply blindfire toward a large group to help keep their accuracy down.
Cover comes with two main advantages, the first being rather obvious: when in cover you’re a harder target to hit. Obvious but very important, but remember that when you pop-out to shoot your sticking your body out so don’t spend long periods like this or you’re asking to get killed.
The second bonus is an armor increase when you’re in active cover so you can take some extra punishment over those players who aren’t on cover, giving you the extra edge in a gunfight.

Breach features a system that allows you to blow holes in buildings, so don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage, especially as there is a large amount of RPG’s lying around on the map to use.
Classes like Sniper and Rifleman come with Breach charges which are handy for taking out walls and hopefully some enemy as well. Simply run up to what you want to blow and tap RB to plant a charge, then run like hell.
Entire buildings can’t be brought down, but balconies can be so if you see a few enemies sitting up on a balcony making life hell for your team, shoot out the supports with your gun and watch it all come tumbling down.
Bridges are also a great thing to aim for as it can force the enemy to change their routes or cause some nice pain. You can blow holes in it with breach charges by simply crouching on the bridge, looking down and pressing RB. Make sure you’re well away from it.
Finally if you’re in a brick house you can shoot out separate bricks to create sniper holes. Obviously this makes you incredibly hard to spot and even harder to hit, but be warned that eventually somebody will end it with an RPG. You can also use the cover system with these holes of you make them a bit bigger; they work just like normal cover would.


Team Deathmatch is self explanatory so this guide won’t be covering that, but we will cover Retrieval, Convoy and Infiltration.
Be warned that every match can be combined with Hard Core mode which removes your HUD and most of your health making the base rules of cover and taking your time even more important.

Note: for the ultimate realistic experience play Sole Survivor which is Team DeathMatch with no re-spawns, and play it using Hardcore mode.

Easily the star of Breach. One team must stop the convoy reaching its destination while the other team must defend the convoy, keep it repaired and get it to the end before time runs out.
Convoy is very much a team-work based game type as calling out enemy positions is vital, as is communicating who has the charge to blow up a barricade or who is repairing your convoy. The same goes for attackers when it comes to attacking. Make sure you all work together.
The defenders will encounter two other problems aside from the RPG happy attackers: the first is damage. If a vehicle takes too much damage a fire symbol will appear and that vehicle needs to be repaired to get it moving again. Just run up to it and press Y to get repairing. if one of the two vehicles gets damaged this way the whole convoy stops so be quick about repairs.
The second problem is barricades. These will be shown by a symbol on the map and the defenders will need to head to the back of the convoy and press Y at the back of the truck to get a charge. Now get to the barricade and press RB against it to set the charge. Once again teamwork is vital otherwise you’ll get mowed down as you head for the barricade.
Along the convoy’s route is red flares – each time the convoy passes one more time is added to the clock and the defenders respawn positions move forward.

Note: At least one defender must stand beside the lead vehicle to make the convoy move. The more people the quicker it moves but the better a target you become to a well placed RPG. You’ve been warned.

The goal is simple: grab the canister and make it back to the drop-off point to score points. The actual execution of this theory is much more problematic.
Once again team-work is vital here – if your team has that canister make damn sure you help protect the poor guy as all he has is a knife attack to defend himself, and if that canister is dropped and stays on the floor for too long it resets.
A key thing to remember if your carrying the canister is you can drop it by pressing Y, that way you can get your weapon back up and have a fighting chance, but this is a last resort and one that shouldn’t have to be used unless your team have abandoned you.
Learning the maps and routes to each drop-off point is a vital tactic so you know where to head-off the enemy  when they have the Precious.
Finally when the enemy have the canister it won’t be marked where they are on the map, but you do know there are only two drop-off points so get them covered and if you see the poor sucker (I mean pro player) make sure you let your team know.

The name is deceptive, the game is simple: capture the points around the map to score points. First to 250 wins.
All your basic rules about Breach apply here so use your head, stick together and communicate to the team which position your taking.
Building a strong front line can be a good plan here once you manage to take the majority of positions. Then simply hold the line, but without good team-work this won’t work so make sure you keep it together.

There isn’t a “best” gun in Breach so you can get that idea of your head. Each person starts with just one gun for each class and more be unlocked as you rank up, so learning to become proficient with the starting gun is vital.
Each class is separate as well, so take some time to learn each one.

We’ll stay away from the guns as they come down to your personal taste, but for attachments new players can’t really go wrong with an ACOG sight as it’s an all-purpose sight that gives you a decent range which is where most of the fighting in Breach will take place.
Grenade Launchers are always tempting and with the destruction system will always be useful, but consider that there are a good number of RPG’s around the place so wasting your money on this may not be the best idea.

When it comes to perks and gadgets you’ve got a big selection, but you’re going to be limited early in the game until you gain some ranks so we’re going to cover the useful starting gear in the first few ranks.

Dragon Skin is one of the first you’ll get your mitts on; this handy armour lets you take a bit more punishment which is great for new players still learning the ropes as it can give you that vital time to dive for cover.
Sticky Bombs can also be useful to take around with you, just remember to hit left or right on the D-pad to swap to them, and then use RB to throw them.

In perks a basic first is Conditioning which lets you sprint for longer. Never underestimate how useful this is when you’re running to back up your team who aren’t going to last long. Combined with the Dragon Skin Armour it can let you get to the front lines while under fire.
The Bad Ass perk is unlocked in your second batch of Perks and is incredibly dangerous, but very rewarding; for the cost of half your health you’ll gain twice the XP for kills and anything else that earns you XP. It’s a perfect combination to use with the sniper class.

Fire Rates:
Don’t forget you can change your guns fire-mode from auto to single-shot by pressing up on the d-pad, so if you’re trying to hit a distant target with your assault rifle drop it to single shot for better accuracy and don’t rapid fire, just take your time.

Hey Look, I’m on the map!
It’s important to remember that firing your gun shows you up on the mini-map, so choose your shots well to avoid being detected by the enemy. Some guns can equip silencers but they’re far and few between.

Some scopes have multiple zoom levels, simply click the right stick to activate the extra zoom. The ACR Assault Rife also has holographic scope that comes with a 2x Optical Zoom which can be used in the same way.

The Recon Class:
Is unlocked by maxing out (unlocking all three main class weapons) both the Riflemen class and Sniper Class. The Recon class is essentially a hybrid of Riflemen and Sniper.

Falling Through The Floor:
Some floors have wooden sections to them, which makes them perfect for a breach charge! Just use A to jump and while in the air look at the ceiling and press RB (assuming you have charges) to place one. Killing someone this way is always cool.

I’m Sorry, Is That Your Face?
Breach charges can also be placed on people. Never underestimate the demoralising effects of such a kill.

RPG’s No More:
If you’re fed up of RPG’s then the Sabotage Kit might be for you. It takes a while to unlock this, but once you do you can sabotage the RPG/ammo stations around the map so when an enemy tries to grab one. BOOM!

I’m Outta Ammo!
Scattered around the map you’ll see crates with RPG’s leaning on them. While you’ll most likely be focusing on the shiny RPG it’s important to note that these little crates replenish your ammo as well, so if you’re running low drop in past.

That’s it for the current guide. Updates or new guides may be posted, such as gadget & Perk guides etc. but hopefully this will be enough to get new players up to speed on how Breach works.
Good Luck

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