Dragon Age II Demo Announced

EA have announced that their upcoming epic RPG, Dragon Age II, will be getting a demo this month.
That’s right on February 22nd you’ll be able to delve into a small portion of the game and see why it could be one of the best games of 2011.

The demo will allow you to play through the games prologue where you can choose from three character classes and take control of the lead character Hawke.

Once you finish the prolugue you’ll be taken to Kirkwall and tasked with defending  Isabela, one of the games possible romances.

If that wasn’t enough finishing the demo will unlock a special weapon called Hayder’s Razor for use in the full game. This ancient Dwarven blade gives you a boost to your health, mana and combat stats so it’s worth finishing the demo.

The demo will be available to download on the 22nd of February with the full game available to purchase on March 11th.

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