Marvel Edition VS Fighting Pad Announced

Performance Designed Products LLC (“PDP”), has today announced their latest product in the form of a Marvel branded fightpad.

As you can tell from the pictures this is a 6-button wired pad that looks rather snazzy, and will feature high quality micro-switch activators in the thumbstick to recreate the full Arcade stick experience, though exactly how well it replicates it is still to be seen.

“In the last few years, fighting games have re-emerged as an incredibly popular genre in the console gaming world, with a dedicated, serious audience that demands high-quality tools,” said Tom Roberts, chief technical officer, Performance Designed Products. “We have designed the Versus Fighting Pad to be the ultimate game pad for fighting-game players while reflecting the super heroics of Marvel in this special-edition controller.”

This could be the best way for people that want to get into fighting games more seriously but don’t want to fork out for a full stick.

The pad will be available to purchase from PDP’s site on February 14th.

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