Breach Update Available

You may wonder why I gave Breach an 8/10 when I reviewed it. Well the answer is simple: during my playtime it wasn’t available to the public and the game had no bugs, lag problems etc. and played great. So you can imagine my dismay that when launch came the game was plagued with lag and server problems, but now Atomic Games have dropped an announcement about a new update to fix those problems, and it’s available to download now, just start the game up.

And for those who aren’t sure you may want to know that the demo time for Breach has now been changed to a full 60 minutes.

The list of fixes is as follows:

– All known crashes fixed
– Many fixes to reduce lag
– Online game performance improved by more than 33%
– Bug that caused Sole Survivor games to end in draw fixed
– Bug that caused invisible canister in Retrieval games fixed
– Bug that caused Vendetta icon to appear incorrectly fixed
– Server Browser can now sort by number of players
– Server Browser can now be manipulated with mouse scroll wheel
– Fixed bugs related to Friendly Fire settings
– Better ability for a game with lag to recover when bandwidth improves

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