New Left 4 Dead 2 DLC Announced

Many of you Xbox gamers out there probably won’t be familiar with the name Matthew Lourdelet. He’s the man behind the hugely popular 2 Evil Eyes mod which gave PC players of Left 4 Dead 2 a whole new campaign to play.
Well Matthew has been hard at work on a new campaign titled Cold Stream, and Valve have announced that they will be releasing it as a DLC pack on Xbox Live, and on PC.

Unlike previous DLC for the game there is no focus on story here, instead Valve had said “The very first step in creating a new DLC is deciding on the larger goals and constraints for the DLC. The Sacrifice and the Passing were story heavy, so we want to see what the other end of the spectrum looks like. For this DLC we start with wanting to experiment by releasing a map pack that wasn’t about story. It would just be new campaigns for Left 4 Dead 2.”

Details on Cold Stream are non-existent at the moment, but Valve have promised that the three remaining campaigns from Left 4 Dead – Dead Air, Blood Harvest and Death Toll – will also be a part of the pack.

As for a release date Valve had stated the new DLC will not be released until after Portal 2 is released. Portal 2 is currently slated for a April 19th release in North America and April 22nd in Europe so you’re not going to be seeing the DLC for a little while yet.

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  1. The release I read talked about Valve wanting to develop the DLC with heavy input from the community. I’m interested to see how this will work out, as most game communities (ie forums) I’ve seen are anything but helpful. And to be honest, I doubt the public’s ability to correctly identify what would be a fun and successful experience. But we’ll see – maybe Valve’s experiment will prove me wrong.

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