Two Worlds III Confirmed Amongst Controversy

It’s been an unusual week for the Two Worlds series as the third game in the series appears to have been confirmed as a reaction to accusations involving relatively low reviews of Two Worlds II in the UK . recently received insider information that Topware had blacklisted certain sites and publications due to low review scores.
Topware allegedly demanded that a score be increased from its five out of ten – which the publication deems “average” – to a seven out of ten, which the PR rep felt represented the true “average” score due to much of the other sites and magazines using seven as an “average” score.
It’s also claimed that this happened at CVG as well.

Topware themselves responded to Beefjack’s accusations with this statement which also confirmed the existence of Two Worlds III.

“After reading your article I can say that we did not ask for a review score to be increased. The site you mention said that they consider a 5 average out of 10 and we feel that this is far from what the rest of the world would consider average. The rest of the world on a grading system would consider a 5 a failure and that is our only concern. That the site’s review of the game is their opinion, but that their scoring system is, in our opinion, flawed.

For that reason we do not feel that they are representing our game in a real world fashion. Perhaps, the passion of the moment was an issue, but no one is or has been blacklisted from Topware.

We feel, as a company that we have made great strides with our game and look forward to our next installment. Especially since this one has sold over 2 million units to date.”

Beefjack responded by asking if this meant they had not asked for the review score to be increased and if it meant they had not blacklisted the publication. Topware responded with:

“This is untrue, the only thing that was said is that a 7 is average in public eye and not a 5 – their scoring system is their scoring system and that is that. They are not blacklisted and no one asked them to increase their score.

This is all quite blown out of proportion.

The CVG thing was about German based review code and asking for them to re-review the game with the UK/US version which has the actual VO for English speaking and some different quest lines. The ad spend pull is not true.

We have had no plans for ads on that site and will continue to work with them in the future.”

The story doesn’t end there as Destructoid quickly picked up the story as well, but was quickly defended by Topwares Managing Director James Seaman who used the comments section to voice his defense, but the important detail was this statement:

“We try to do a better job every time, and have brought in a brand new 3D modelling, animation and CG team for the next Two Worlds game coming out in 2012,” he said.

Whether or not any of these allegations are true is hard to tell. While it’s nothing new for companies to demand higher scores it’s also nothing new for rumours and stories such as this to get massively blown out of proportion. This tale of woe is far from over yet and it’s best not to judge until the full story is known.

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  1. Wild. I can sort of understand the argument that “5 of 10” is more often perceived as a 50%, which on many grade scales is a fail rather than average. But who cares? They should have just stayed out of it — now they just look whiny and childish.

    Two Worlds 2 is on my list of games to play, but it’s a little more than halfway down that list, so it’ll be a while. Until then, I’m not sure if news of another installment is good or not.

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