Alice: Madness Returns Release Date Announced

It has been a full decade since gamers took part in the wierd and wonderful game that was American McGee’s Alice, a twisted and warped take on the classic tale, but we finally have a release date for its mental sequel, and that date is June 4th.
The latest trailer is below:

For those that aree unaware of American McGees Alice it takes place shortly after her second adventure in Through the Looking-Glass. Alice’s house is burned to the ground killing her family and leaving her as the sole survivor. She becomes unstable and is eventually placed in an Asylum.
Ten years into her “stay” at the Asylum she finds herself pulled into Wonderland, albiet a radically difference one, at the call of the White Rabbit. Wonderland has been warped by Alice’s mind. Wonderland is a creation of Alice’s mind, and by saving Wonderland she is able to restore her own sanity.

Alice: Madness Returns is set another ten years after the events of the previous game and Alice is now in the care of a London psychiatrist. She still struggles with the death of her family, and is once again sucked back into Wonderland hoping to find comfort and security, only to find it’s even more warped and dark than before. Alice must once again attempt to save Wonderland to stand any chance of regaining her life, and along the way she may just find out the truth behind her family’s death.

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