WWE All Stars: Counters & Reversals Guide

WWE All Stars is available to buy in the US, and tomorrow it hits the UK shores, so with many people have a tough time with the counter and reversal system I thought it was the perfect time to release a short guide on the defensive aspects of the game.

I may publish more guides based on classes, such as linking grapple chains with a Grappler class etc. depending on demand.

Don’t forget to check out the review.

So here we go:


Blocking is your basic foundation for your defense (duh) and is nice and easy to do; simply hold RB to block. Now, blocking will only work against quick strikes ( X button attacks) and  heavy strikes ( Y button attacks), but will not work against charged attacks (Hold Y Button Attacks) and Grapples. Blocking will only work against opponents in front of you, if anyone strikes you from behind you won’t block it.


Counters are used to stop incoming strikes and grapples before they ever land, while Reversals are used against grapple moves in progress. Got that? Good.


To counter a strike tap RB just before it lands. Countering in this manner does not work against strong strikes or charged strikes.
This can sometimes lead into a counter chain battle, where your opponent counters your counter of his strike. Still with me? When this happens you need to tap RB just as the icon saying so pops up under your wrestlers icon and name. The timing for this can be a little tricky,  In most cases it is possible to counter a fraction before the icon pops up, but this takes some practice.

Countering a grapple is done by tapping LB just before your opponent grabs you. This will shove him backwards leaving him open to an attack, so use this time well.
Signature moves that involve a grapple can also be countered this way, as can finishers but the timing is tricky, and the timing for finishers especially so.


Aerial attacks can be a little tricky to counter, but the basics remain the same; to counter these attacks you need to hit RB just before impact.
However, most aerial moves can be countered more effectively by a flurry of quick strikes, a dropkick or shoulder charge.

Like almost everything else in All Stars the Irish Whip can be countered, just tap RB while you’re being whipped. This can be further countered by the original attack into something like a short arm clothesline.

If you’ve already been whipped tap RB just as you hit the ring ropes to grab them and end the Irish Whip.

If you don’t fancy blocking a grapple, then reversing it into an offensive move to harm your opponent is even better, but requires more timing.
You need to hit RB when the icon pops up under your wrestlers icon and name to reverse it and do some damage. Now, the timing here is pretty damn tricky; imagine a second is made up of 60 Frames, well the reversal needs to be done in around 8-10 frames. The icon itself will stay on-screen longer than the actual reversal window because if they put it up for the same amount of time you’d barely register it.

IMPORTANT: reversals cannot be done by hammering RB repeatedly, you get one chance only and if you hit RB before that chance you’re stuffed. Say goodbye to your face as it impacts the floor.

Reversals for grapples are different for each and every grapple; some are a split second into the move while others are near the end of it. Learning this takes time, but if you’ve got the patience you can actually reverse the attack by watching the animation instead of waiting for the icon. It takes practice.

Finally, remember that your opponent can reverse your reversal, so always be ready to hit RB again. This can go on for a while.

If you’re fed up of your opponent reversing absolutely everything you throw at him then blocking his reversal is the way to go. Confused? Don’t worry, so am I.
To do this you need to hit RB in the same window as his reversal. If you beat him to it then a red X will pop up over his reversal icon and into the mat his face shall go. Reversals of reversals (my head hurts) can also be blocked.

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