New Call of Duty: Black Ops “Escalation” Map Pack Revealed

Don’t you just love it when a retail site lets slip big news? Well Australia’s GAME site has seemingly let slip a brand new map pack for Black Ops titled Escalation. Since then the site has quickly removed the advertisement.

Little is know, but the advertisement does give away some things, such as the names of the maps: Zoo, Convoy, Stockpile and Hotel. There also appears to be a new Zombie map titled Survive.

The sharp eyed among you will also notice that the advertisement does state “first on Xbox Live”, so like the previous pack, First Strike, we Xbox 360 players will be getting this exclusively for a time.

If the advertisement is correct then the pack will be arriving on 03/05/2011, and considering the content it will most likely cost the same as the First Strike pack which retailed at a scray 1200MSP.

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