L.A. Noire’s Three Discs Causes Problems for Gamers!

Just yesterday the eagerly anticipated new game L.A. Noire launched into stores across the UK, and happy gamers rushed out to purchase their copy of this new detective game that comes on a whopping three discs!

They hurried home and slipped their discs into their 360’s and began to play, and for a few hours the detective work and stunning facial animations wowed them, but it wasn’t until they got far enough into the game to have to swap to disc one that problems arose. They were shocked to discover that they had three disc ones! Or two copies of disc three!

Angry crowds descended upon the stores and raged about the stores incompetence and demanded refunds and compensation for travelling costs to return the game.

The moral of this story? Check the discs before leaving the store, boys and girls. You should always do this with any game, or DVD etc. to ensure that it is scratch free! Or that you don’t have three copies of disc two.

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  1. Aw damn, luckily I was not one of these people. I cannot imagine how annoying it must be to discover this problem. I have just started my own gaming blog. There is only one article on it at the moment but i would appreciate any feedback or advice you could give me for starting one up. Cheers, and great blog by the way!!

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