A Quick Apology

Good morning one and all,

I’d like to quickly apologise¬†for the delay in getting some reviews out this week. During the past seven days I had planned to have reviews up for Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, Half Minute Hero, Lucha Fury and Total Miner. However, some health issues have kept me from getting them done as quickly as I would like. But I’m steadily improving and hope to get some stuff up this weekend for you guys and girls, so keep a look out for those reviews.

Again, I apologise for not having much posted in the past week or so.


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  1. Man, I just stumbled here today – so maybe I’ve not yet formed a dependency or anything – but the last thing you need to do is apologize for not having reviews up because of health issues. Hell, my excuse is usually “There’s not enough hours in the day”, So considering that – I’m sure everyone can wait a little extra longer.

    Get better.


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