Two Worlds II Velvet Edition

While Two Worlds II may have had a more confusing release than Duke Nukem: Forever, it did turn out to be a truly fun RPG. The confusion caused when the games release got delayed a week before launch, several times, also saw the Collectors Edition become an Amazon exclusive which resulted in many people never getting their hands on the lovely statue and other goodies.

Well, now there’s a bit of solace as Topware have announced the Two Worlds II Velvet Game of the Year Edition, though it doesn’t come with a statue. Damn. What it does come with is a beautiful box (the PC version will be black) that’s covered in smooth velvet with antique brass edges (not actual antique brass, but metal made to look as such). But the important piece of information is that it will also be coming with theupcoming  Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion. Unlike much of the DLC that gets released these days, Pirates of the Flying Fortress is going to be a true expansion pack with revamped game engine, new animations, dialogue, equipement, whole area to explore, side-quests and massive main story arc. And, presumably, Pirates. The pack will be released in September with no price yet confirmed

Alongside the kickass packaging and expansion pack, you’ll also get a massive double-sided map and a bonus disc packed with a soundtrack and loads of other goodies. You’ll also get a  pirate head pin collectable, also available in-game where it boosts your stats, and two exra Player vs Player multiplayer modes.

The whole package will release on October.

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