Pinball FX2 Vengeance and Virtue DLC Coming in Winter 2011

If you’re a Pinball lover and a Marvel fanatic then you’ll be pleased to hear that Zen Studios aren’t finished using their Marvel license just yet as they’ve announced another four tables will be coming to the game.

Now, you may remember when they announced the Marvel pack they also held a poll to decide who else would get a table. In a surprise twist Captain America and Ghost Rider tied for the honor. As you’re already aware the Captain America table was chose and released a short while ago, leaving Ghost Rider all burned out, but don’t fear because the Spirit of Vengeance has been announced as the first table in the pack.

As you may have guessed from the title, the name of the new pack is “Vengeance and Virtue”. it’s time to don your thinking caps Marvel lovers and try to figure out who the other three tables will be based around. I would have to go for either The Punisher or Deadpool for the Vengeance side of things.

Currently no pricing or release exact release date exists, but enjoy these screenshots until we hear more.


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