Installing Rage Will Take Over 20GB Of Space.


If you’re a true lover of the FPS genre or a history buff for gaming, you know that ID Software are a huge name in the business. They played a massive part in giving birth to the FPS genre that now dominates most of the market, and that’s why you should be excited about their latest game, Rage.

At Quakecon 2011, John Carmack, the Technical Director for ID, gave a 90-minute long speech regarding the game and more. While most of it was fairly typical stuff, there was one detail he mentioned that stands out; if you install Rage onto your HDD, it will take 20+GB of space. Only a few games, like Lost Odyssey, have ever had such an installation size. And that, of course, also means that Rage will be coming on multiple discs.

He also discusses the technical problems of getting Rage to look great on consoles and much more, so I highly recommend grabbing some food and drink and sittind down to watch the whole thing. But do bear in mind that his speech does encompass more than just Rage.

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