Trenched Gets Renamed And A European Release Date

Microsoft have finally confirmed that Trenched will be getting release in Europe this September.

The game saw a massively delayed launch in Europe earlier this year when it encountered trademark issues with an obscure Portuguese boardgame called “Trench”. It transpired that Trench’s designer was planning on releasing the game as a videogame as well, as he felt the gameplay mechanics would work perfectly in digital form. His trademark on Trench also covered videogames, hence the problems encountered in getting Trenched released in Europe Microsoft have seemingly failed to win the Trademark battle as they’ve been forced to rename Trenched to Iron Brigade.

Confirmation of the games release came in the form of a press release from Microsoft at Gamescom 2011.

“XBLA fans will also be able to get their hands on “Iron Brigade” – also known as “Trenched” – which will be released in Europe this September.” Stated the press release.

Not exact date of release was mentioned.

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