Devil May Cry HD Collection Confirmed?

Rumours of a Devil May Cry HD collection coming to PS3 have been flying around the internet for months now, with supposed confirmation coming when a Spanish game retail site listed the collection on their site along with the above box art depicting the first three games.

Now the rumours have returned stronger than ever,  and they’ve got the ESRB backing them up. The ESRB have long been a useful source for rumour confirmations, and this is proving no different as they have now reclassified the first three PS2-only games to include Xbox 360 and PS3.

This could also mean that Capcom are planning on selling the titles on XBLA or even as seperate HD remakes, but with the previous boxart taken into account as well a ten-year HD Devil May Cry package does seem likely.

The only thing the ESRB couldn’t shed light on was whether Devil May Cry 4 would be part of the package, as it was already classified under Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. However, the supposed boxart would suggest not.


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