Microsoft Has Not Made A Mistake With Crimson Alliance’s Pricing

Certain Affinity’s new dungeon crawling game Crimson Alliance was released onto Xbox Live Marketplace today amid confusion and claims that Microsoft priced the game wrong, as people who went to download the game discovered that they could download the complete game at no cost.

However, your bubble must sadly be burst as Microsoft have not mistakenly been handing out Crimson Alliance for free.  The title is indeed available to download at no cost, but gamers will find their access limited to three levels in singleplayer, or fifteen minutes of online co-op.

Those wishing to continue playing have two options available; you can purchase either one of the three characters for 800MSP, allowing you to play through the entire game with that one character or take him/her online, or you can buy all three characters for 1200MSP.

Tom Potter, production manager and content lead on Crimson Alliance, stated:
“Buying a Class Pack gives you a fully licensed character or characters depending on which offer you choose. Fully licensed characters can play all of the content in the main game. The version of the game labeled “FREE” on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace is essentially a “shell” containing both the trial experience and the full campaign. So to play the game you’ll need to download the FREE game first. And then purchase a class pack.”

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