Xbox World Mag Claims Gears of War 4 And Forza 5 Will Be Xbox 720 Launch Titles

Rumours that the next generation consoles are coming soon have been intensifying for months now, with many believing that the Xbox 720 will be announced sometime next year. But that also means that speculation is ripe regarding which developers are already working on next-gen games, and which of those games will be strutting their stuff in the consoles launch game line-up.

Well, according to the latest issue of the new-look Xbox World magazine, issue 109, two of the Xbox 720’s launch titles will be Gears of War 4 and Forza 5.

This surprising claim comes in the magazines “The Insider” column, which focuses on “Tales from behind the gaming lines”.

The piece of information in question reads: “what are id doing now Rage is about to ship? Doom 4, that’s what. Don’t expect it for this gen, though. It’ll be Xbox Next for sure. And what of Xbox Next? Well, the Insider hears suits at Microsoft are already lining up the launch games – and they include two monsters: Gears of War 4 and Forza 5”

Obviously, unless the Insider has some very accurate sources, this us currently just rumour, but should it prove true it would be a significant feather in Microsoft’s cap to be able to launch their next generation console with two of its biggest exclusives leading the charge.

What do you think? Are Gears of War 4 and Forza 5 really going to be part of the Xbox 720’s launch line-up?

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    • They should play off gears of war 3 as a dream marcus feonix had, because they ruined the locust queen, she looks like a disney character riding a giant bumble bee, its pretty silly compared to RAAM, Scorge, or the locust queen from gears 2 !!!!

  1. I honestly hope not. Microsoft needs to give all of their milked franchises a rest….They really need to by first party studios and expand their game library….they can’t rely on just Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable and pretending CoD is exclusive…. If they do they will very quickly get slaughtered next gen… has worked this gen because they were able to exploit the casual crowd through CoD and Kinect….It would work when the casual crowd moves to the next “what’s in” thing….

    Sucks too, I pay for xbl and it bums me out that all they care about is rehashing the same 4 games over and over and over….5 Halo games in a 3 year time span by the time halo 4 comes out. That’s the definition of milking….

    They have a great library of ips too but choose to ignore them because they only want the high profit high selling titles… Why do you think we have not seen a Alan Wake 2? Why do you think we have not seen a new perfect dark? A new banjo? Reviving Conker and Killer Instinct? Reviving Crimson Skies? They just don’t care about making games….they just care about maximizing their profits, which I totally understand, they are a business. That business plan though will only work in the short term…people, especially gamers, wise up to that crap and will move on to the platform that will offer them the best gaming.

  2. Wow…hardware and/or hardware release dates haven’t even be confirmed, and now we resort to speculating on launch titles? Really? Got nothing else? Seriously?

  3. Again…Microsoft loves when others do their publicity for them. There’s lots to look forward to in this generation. In fact, there have been way too many games for me to afford let alone have time to play them. Other than early adopters who have to have the latest and greatest of anything, most of us (that is, the majority) will be happy to extend the current console cycle for a few more years.

    And, if you’re a parent struggling in today’s economy, I’m betting the last thing you want is to have to shell out for new hardware any time soon. I guess articles like this pass for news, but I stand by there must be more pressing and/or interesting information. I get, Baden Ronie, that you’re just putting up what “they” wrote, but it still seems like a waste of digital ink regardless of where it originated from.

    I wonder, really wonder, if and when the 720 or whatever they call it launches, people will remember the absolutely horrid failure rate (RROD) of the 360.

    Do you know what “news” would be to me? If someone reported on a guarantee by Microsoft that it won’t happen again. Now that would be worth reading about fair ahead of a launch date.

  4. Is gears of war 2 & 3 works on pc .
    Plz reply……………..
    I want to play this game very much
    But in our country (india)
    These cool games are not available now yet
    if possible send me download link or torrent link or give suggestion to convert control of xbox to pc

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