Xbox Live Is Experiencing Problems

Many gamers are turning on their Xbox today and discovering that they cannot connect to Xbox Live, nor access to try and determine what is going on. Currently there’s no official reason as to why Xbox Live is down for many gamers, but Microsoft are certainly aware of the problem.

The helpful bunch @XboxSupport are well aware of the problem and are currently being bombarded by a flurry of tweets demanding to know what’s going on, so please remember, folks, that these guys are trying to help you and they’re running flatout to try and solve the problem, so have some patience.

“We are aware that many users are unable to connect to Xbox LIVE at this time as well. The issue is being investigated.” XboxSupport tweeted.

Don’t panic; not everyone is effected with many gamers still perfectly able to access Live.

So, what’s the best thing you can do if you are having problems? Simply have patience, the problem will hopefully be fixed soon.

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