Dark Souls Punishes Early Players

A massive amount of fans are looking forward to Dark Souls, the spirtual succesor to Demon Souls, which will be hitting UK shops on October 7th, but those lucky people over in Japan will be getting the game today.

However, for those that managed to get the game earlier than they should have, there was a nasty surprise hiding in the shadows. The games publishers took advantage of the games ability to share players worlds to send forth an army of Black Phantoms into early players games. These Phantoms are level 145 with their stats set as high as they can go, creating an enemy that is impossible to defeat, this halting players who managed to snag an early copy of the game.

It’s certainly a novel way of punishing gamers who manage to get early copies of a title, though it also raises the question of whether they actually should be punished for it or not. But, ignoring the question of whether it’s right or wrong, it is bloody funny.

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