Batman: Arkham City Surpasses Its Predecessor, According To Critic Reviews

If you didn’t already know, which must mean you’ve been living inside some sort of temporal bubble for the past year, Batman: Arkham City is due to release in the US tomorrow and the UK on Friday, much to the excitement of….well, everybody, really.

Of course that means that the reviews have been steadily coming in, and so far they’ve been overwhelmingly positive! So positive, in fact, that Batman: Arkham City has now surpassed its own predecessor, Batman: Arkham Asylum by a total of three points on Metacritic.

With a total of 78 Critic reviews, Batman: Arkham Asylum stands at a rather impressive 92 points on Metacritic, but now Batman: Arkham City has turned up with 30 Critic reviews and has scored a staggering 95 points, clearly putting it ahead. Of course the extra 48 reviews for Arkham Asylum do mean quite a bit when trying to directly compare the two, and as more reviews trickle in this score could change drastically. The next batch of review copies are getting sent out to sites today, so another flood of reviews should be appearing within the next week or two.

Of course the fact that Arkham City has surpassed Arkham Asylum isn’t hugely surprising, but it’s still exciting for anyone hoping that Rocksteady are going to deliver an even better Dark Knight simulator.

Can Arkham City keep up its impressive scores? Only time will tell. Keep an eye out for my own review soon.

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