Dark Souls Speedrun Beats Game In 1:26.28

The art of speedruns in games is a time honored tradition that’s bean around since videogames began. Those who compete to finish the game in the quickest time are a stange but highly respect bunch of….err, nutters.

But the concept of doing a speedrun on Dark Souls is an almost terrifying prospect, and not only because absolutely everything in the game seems determined to impale you on something spiky. And yet some utterly odd person decided that it would be a good way to take up an afternoon, and in doing so has produced one of the most astounding speed runs I’ve ever witnessed, completing in the game in just one hour, twenty-six minutes and twenty-eight seconds.

A series of six videos shows his accomplishment. Be warned: The videos contain massive amounts of shortcuts, so if you want to remain spoiler free you might want to go away. Continue reading for the videos.

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