A World of Keflings “It Came From Outer Space” DLC Gets Dated And Priced

If you’re a fan of the strangely addictive A World of Keflings that you might be pleased to know that Ninjabee have announced the price and release date for the game’s new DLC pack.  

The new pack, titled They Came From Outer Space, will see the Kefling’s world get turned upside down when a bunch of aliens crash-land on the planet, leaving you to sort things out and help them get back home.

Ninjabee, the game’s creator, say that the new DLC will increase the games overall content by more than 30% and will add in another two to four hours of gameplay as well as the ability to build an entire alien city.

“Aliens have crash-landed in the Kefling world and you and the Keflings need to use your mad building skills to get them home,” said Mike Nielsen, lead designer on the DLC. “You’ll be building giant robots, crazy alien structures, and even robotic Keflings all in the name of repairing their mother ship. There’s plenty of new stuff to explore – a new kingdom, new characters, new resources, new buildings… It’s pretty substantial.”

The DLC will be available to download on October 26th and will be priced at a very reasonable 320 Microsoft Points.

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