Where The Hell Is Out Arkham City Review?

The most common message that I’m getting in my spiffy Email inbox these days generally runs along the same lines: “where’s your review of Batman: Arkham City?”.

It’s a perfectly fair question because anyone who asked me previously what games I was looking forward to the most would have been almost instantly told Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City, so the lack of review a week after the games release is a bit strange.

But don’t worry, a review is actually coming, it has just been delayed a little thanks to the bloody postal service managing to lose my review copy of the game somewhere along the line. To be more precise, it was probably nicked at the local Post Office as there’s been a spurt of packages going missing lately. Bastard.

So then began the process of patiently waiting for the game to arrive before finally giving in and contacting the boys over at Premier PR, who told me to wait one more day and then inform them if it didn’t arrive because they’d send out a replace. Right, did that, but now I’ve not heard back from them and I’ve lost all hope of the bloody game turning up.

So where does that leave the review? Simple; if it hasn’t turned up by Monday then I’ll take a trip to the local GAME shop and buy it. But then be prepared for about another weeks wait (or two) before the review because I want to really delve into the game. That and I’ve also got Battlefield 3 to contend with.

But everything will be all right! Because I’m the Batman.

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