Battlefield 3 Server Patch Incoming

The launch of Battlefield 3 has hardly gone smoothly with EA once again proving that practice doesn’t make perfect. Despite having server problems with the previous two Bad Company games, both problems were blamed on the fact that there were more players online than EA had anticipated, EA don’t seem to have learned their lesson with Battlefield 3 player suffering horrible lag, problems joining games, and problems joining games with friends. EA have blamed, you guessed it, on the fact that there are more gamers playing Battlefield 3 than they anticipated. Throw in the recent controversy surrounding the PC version of Battlefield 3 containing a clause than allows them to search your Hard Drive and take any bit of information they wish and give it to whom ever they wish and you’ve got one botched launch and a barrage of angry fans.

But at least we’re getting a server patch, which may at least go some way toward making people feel a little better. The patch was announced via Battlefield 3’s official Facebook page and is due to hit at 1AM PST. The announcement stated:  “A new Battlefield 3 Xbox 360/PS3 server patch will be deploying at 1AM PST tonight addressing lag/rubber-banding, TDM/SQDM spawn point optimization, and various crashes.” It wasn’t announced how long the servers will be down for while this patch is applied.

For those unaware, rubberbanding refers to a phenomenon caused by high latency where a player seemingly runs forward and then gets teleported several feet backwards, giving th appearance of being snapped backwards by a giant elastic band.

Here’s hoping the patch does fix all the problems, because despite the problems with the multiplayer, the rather average singleplayer and the involvement of EA, Battlefield 3’s multiplayer is something truly amazing.

Look out for the full review of Battlefield 3 soon.

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