Skyrim Gets Rated 15 And Includes Cannabilism

The Elder Scrolls series has long been known for its loving habit of giving players the freedom to do….well, everything, really. It seems this trend is going to continue as it has been revealed that Skyrim is going to give the player the choice to indulge in some tasty cannibalism. And people call gamers weird. Honestly.

This new bit of information has been revealed courtesy of the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) who recent gave an age rating of 15 to the epic RPG. In their short description of the game and why it got its rating came this interesting piece of information: “a section where you make the choice whether to join a group of cannibals in eating human flesh (although no detail of the activity itself is shown)”

Other than this small bit if creepiness the BBFC didn’t reveal anything much that we didn’t already know, listing other strong elements in the game as, “a cutscene which shows a decapitation during an execution,” and ” sight of a female murder victim with some bloody cuts on her limbs and back”

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