Modern Warfare 3 To Have 20 DLC Packs Over 9 Months.

It’s time for a little more Modern Warfare news as those lovely Playstation 3 guys and gals have provided us with a little snippet of information suggesting that Modern Warfare 3 is going to be getting twenty pieces of DLC over a nine-month period. Considering Black Ops only had five map packs after launch, that’s a considerable amount more.

The news comes courtesy of the official Playstation 3 blog which recently posted a PSN Store Update. Within the post is a section describing what you get with a Call of Duty Elite Premium subscription:

“Call of Duty ELITE 1-Year Premium Subscription consists of:

  • All the MW3 DLC (20 pieces) during the 9-month DLC season starting early 2012. Includes multiplayer and special ops maps”

If you have a Premium subscription then you can expect all this lovely DLC for free, but if you don’t, and Activision continue their mental pricing scheme, then you may want to go out and rob a bank so you can afford it all.



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  1. the best deal is to buy the game it self for 100$ get the elite free and a bunch of extras you really pay around 25$ for elite that way and you get all the maps and benefits of elite. its the way to go.

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