Nukes Are In Modern Warfare 3’s Multiplayer! Sort of.

If you ever played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, and according to the amount of sales who hasn’t, then you most likely encountered the infamous Tactical Nuke at some point during your run ‘n’ gun career. If you didn’t run in to it then here’s how it worked: if you managed to secure a Killstreak of 25 then you were rewarding with the Tactical Nuke, which when launched would wipe out the entire enemy team and then end the game. Needless to say it’s insane power couple with the whole ending the game early idea ensured that it quickly became one of the most hated Killstreak rewards in history.

But guess what? There’s a nuke in Modern Warfare 3! Ok, so that’s not exactly accurate. The hated nuke from Modern Warfare 2 has now been replaced with the M.O.A.B., which stands for Mother Of All Bombs. Contrary to popular rumour you don’t need the Specialist Killstreak package active to get this massive bomb, but you will need to net yourself 25 kills on the trot without getting yourself killed. But before you start raging about how crap it is, you might want to know that getting your grubby mitts on the M.O.A.B. is just about the best thing you can do for your team. Unlike the nuke, the M.O.A.B. doesn’t end the game early, instead it wipes out everyone on the entire enemy team and then grants everyone on your team double XP for the rest of the game, including you!. Yes, you read it right, double XP. For the rest of the game.

So to recap, simply go in to a game, net yourself 25 kills and then sit back and await the adoration of your entire team. It’s good to be King.

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