Critics Love Skryim As Reviews Pour In!

We’re now just hours away from the official launch of Bethesda’s epic new title in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. The embargo on reviews was lifted today and the reviews have been flooding in, with an overwhelmingly positive reaction!

Venture on to Metacritic and you’ll find that Skyrim is currently sitting with a Meta score of a whopping 96, making it the highest rated game of 2011, surpassing the previous holder, Batman: Arkham City, by one point. So far the lowest score the game has gotten is 90/100, which isn’t bad going at all. In fact, I’ve never seen quite this level of praise before from so many critics around the world.

It seems as though Bethesda have made the long five-year wait worth it and delivered something truly stunning.

You can find the scores HERE 

And to answer the people sending me Emails: yes, I will be reviewing the game, but due to the size of it a review could take a few weeks as I’d like to really delve in to the game and provide a good review.

Now, hand me my sword. I got dragons to slay, boy.

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