Massive Sale on XBLA

So, looks like Microsoft are feeling generous and have offered up a whole host of goodies including arcade titles, avatar items, themes and more! Below is a list of items with there new discount price.

Arcade, Indie, Originals

Magic 2012 – 400 MSP

Bejeweled Blitz Live – 200 MSP

Bejeweled 2 – 200 MSP

Stacking – 600 MSP Marketplace Link

Fancy Pants Adventure – 400 MSP

The Baconing – 600 MSP

Super Meat Boy – 400MSP

Outrun Online Arcade – 400 MSP

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm – 400 MSP

Phantasy Star 2 – 200 MSP

Weapon of Choice – 200 MSP

Flotilla – 200 MSP

Sega Soccer Slam – 600 MSP

Add Ons

Pinball FX: Marvel Pack 400 MSP

Pinball FX: Classic Pack 400 MSP

Pinball FX: Core Pack 400 MSP

Assassins Creed Brotherhood: Davinci Disappearence 400MSP

HomeFront: The Rock Map Pack – 200 MSP

HomeFront: Fire Sale Map Pack – 120 MSP

Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing – 280 MSP


Ninja Smoke Bomb – 190 MSP

Ninja Grappling Hook – 140 MSP

Icarus Wings – 140 MSP

Robot Hoverbot – 140 MSP

Fierce Moves: Break Dancing – 190 MSP

Penguin Pet – 140 MSP

Assassins Creed Brother: Jack in a Box – 160 MSP

HomeFront: RC Goliath Drone – 160 MSP


Assassins Creed Brotherhood Premium Theme – 160 MSP

Tron Evolution Premium Theme – 160 MSP

Fallout 3 Premium Theme – 160 MSP

BFBC2: Vietnam Premium Theme – 160 MSP

Duke Nuken Forever Theme – 160 MSP

Theres some great stuff there but I would consider grabbing Outrun, as its being delisted soon so wont be available for much longer. Also, Stacking and Super Meat Boy, two outstanding XBLA titles.

With two more days of sales coming up, Black Friday – 25th November and Cyber Monday – 28th Monday, there will be plenty of goodies up for cheap. Keep checking back for more information on them!

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