VGA 2011: The Amazing Spider-Man Announced

The announcement of a HD remake of Tony Hawk: Pro Skater was made, to complete amazement, with the complete absence of the Bird-man himself, yet it turned out that he wasn’t actually absent from the awards as he strolled out onto stage to announce….a Spider-Man game? What!?

Strange decisions from Activision aside, as a Spider-Man fanatic I find it hard not to get excited at the prospect of the Web-slinger finally getting a game to rival the mighty Arkham franchise. But you might want to push your own excitement aside as the new game, titled The Amazing Spider-Man, is going to be based upon the upcoming reboot (or is that re-reboot?) of the films, and it’s going to feature robots! Why is it always robots? Anyway, enjoy the trailer.

For more VGA 2011 news, click HERE.

The game is being developer by Beenox, whose most recent work was Spider-Man Edge of Time, and will be released sometime in Summer of 2012.

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